Video Traffic Viper - Curate Targeted Traffic Automatically 

You Will Also Receive Access to Google Traffic Viper & A New Release to This Membership Level, You Will Get Access to Viper Redirects which allows you to create redirect links on the Fly and you can use the redirects with the Video Viper to drive unique views to your videos!

Drive Highly Targeted

Real Traffic
to Your Videos
Skyrocket Your Video Rankings in Google & Youtube With Highly Targeted Traffic from Real People.  Video Traffic Viper Will Send Real Views, Likes, Shares, Favorites, & Subscribers to Your Videos on Autopilot!
Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • The Tool Searches Google & YT for Your Main Terms and This Creates a Relevancy Ranking Factor, Meaning that Google will Rank your Videos Higher Because of this Search that Finds Your Video and Watches It.
  • You Can now send in Views Via Tumblr, Blogger, Wordpress,, and any other blog.  
  • You can now send in Views Via Twitter and other High Authority Sites to drive views to the YT video.
  • Google Finds Your Content is Relevant to the Search Term
  • Begin Ranking Immediately
  • Generate Likes, Shares, Favorites & Subscribes Easily!
  • Super Simple to Use, No SEO Knowledge Required
  • Unique Algorithm Mimics Human Behavior in Tool
  • Rank For Your Money Keywords Regardless of Niche
Generate High Retention Views
Videos Will Receive Views on a Random Percentage up to 98% Generating High Retention Views for Rankability!
Tool Searches Google & Youtube with a Google Browser Emulating Desktop & Mobile Devices
Random Watch Length Creates High Retention on Videos with Money Keywords
Real Views by Real People, The Viper uses Crowd-Sourcing to Generate Views, Likes & Shares
No SEO Knowledge is Required to Use the Video Traffic Viper
Video traffic Viper is the simplest tool to use & Yet SUper Powerful!
Drive Social Signals - Generate Likes, Subscribers, Shares & Favs!
The Viper Auto Generates Random Likes, Subscribes, Shares, and Favorites to Your Video
Create Campaigns in Under 30 Seconds!
Credit Cost to Use Video Traffic Viper
Credit Cost - 1 Credit Per 100 Views
Get Paid to Run Viper on Your PC! 
  • ​ Earn up to 500 Credits Back Per Month
  • ​ Simple 3 Step Setup Generates $400 in Credits Monthly!
  •  Unlimited Installs
  •  Runs on PC
  •  Earn Credits in Your Sleep!
  •  Hands Free Video Watching!
  • You Must Run the Viper on your PC In Order to Get Views to your campaigns.  This is a requirement.  If you stop the Viper from running, your campaigns will pause
  • Earn Credits by Running the Google Traffic Viper
  • ​Easily Submit Campaigns to the Google Viper
  • ​Drive Unique Traffic to Blogs and Websites to Rank in Google
  • ​Drive Traffic to GMB's & GMB Posts
  • ​Rank Maps & Other Google Properties
  • ​The Google Viper will Watch Videos on the Home Page
Get Access to Viper Redirects
Viper Redirects is a cloud based tool that allows you to create unlimited redirects for websites and blogs.  You can create and insert a small code into your blog posts or your website and it will redirect traffic anywhere that you want, to another website or to videos.  What is also really cool is you can put in filters to direct traffic from certain states to any url from the same redirect.  
Over 16,000,000 Videos Watched in Last 17 Months
Video Traffic Viper
Billed Monthly 
  • Receive 400 Credits Per Month
  • Earn Up to 500 Credits Per Month
  • Run 5 Campaigns at the Same Time
  • You Must Install & Run The Viper on a Desktop PC in Order to Get Views
  • Credits Roll Over Each Month
  • Credits Never Expire With Active Membership
  • FREE Updates
Exclusive Bonus Credit Packs for Next 48 Hrs (7.10.18)
It's a Requirement that All Viper Users RUN the Video Viper Software on Their Home PC's.
The Video Traffic Viper ONLY Works on PC - It will Run on Mac with Parallels
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